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Question: How can I validate the 30 free PDUs that I can earn from listening to free Podcasts?

Issue 020:How can I validate the 30 free PDUs that I can earn from listening to free Podcasts?Answer:

Last week in our Ask Cornelius section we published a tip on how you can earn 30 free PDUs by listening to various free project management related podcasts. Since then we have received a number of questions asking how to validate that you actually listened to them and have now earned your PDUs.

The problem is that when you subscribe to a free podcast you will not receive any confirmation from the podcast producer that you have indeed listened to the show. (In fact, there is almost no reliable technical way to do that.) So many PMPs are worried that if they get audited by PMI regarding these PDUs they will have no proof.

I have 2 comments before I tell you what to do:

First of all, if you spend 3 hours reading a project management book you will have earned 3 PDUs. There is also no way for you to conclusively prove that you have indeed read the book. So this is no different than the podcast "problem".

Second, as a PMP you have agreed to abide by the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. One of the core values in the code is "Honesty" and because of that PMI will approach the audit of self-reported PDUs with the assumption that you are telling the truth.

So my recommendation is this: Do what PMI recommends and keep a "Category C Logfile". In the PMP handbook PMI says that in regards to documentation you should keep "Evidence supporting your reported learning project, including notes from and dates of discussion or reading."
I have created a free log file for you:

Download and print the Category C PDU Logfile (PDF) to keep track of how many hours of podcasts you have listened to. Every time you listen to a new episode simply take out a pen and fill in the next line. Print a new page when needed. Once you have reached the minimum number of listening required (watch episode 183 of The PM Podcast to learn how much that is...) then you can claim your PDUs with PMI. Keep your handwritten notes in case you are audited by PMI after claiming the PDUs.

Until next time,
Cornelius Fichtner, PMP
President, OSP International LLC
The Project Management PrepCast(TM) -

Please send your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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* Balance the competing demands of stakeholder objectives with project capabilities and capacity,
* Analyze the human factors dimension of risk management, and
* Evaluate the impact of risks and uncertainties to the post-project realization of value and capture of benefits.
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* Staffing
* Spending (budget)
* Creating the deliverables
* Monitoring progress
* Managing risk and change
* Customer feedback
* Lessons learned
* Historical reports

This course will help you:
* Understand all elements and consequences of the project charter
* Understanding the elements of a project plan
* Utilize best practices for leading a team through the project execution process
* Effectively close out a project

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John Reiling: Now You're a PMP! What Next?
Congratulations! You have earned your PMP certification, and it feels great to have that behind you. It is certainly a milestone, and an accomplishment worth celebrating. But after a short time, the question often becomes "What's next?"

Read the complete PDU Tip here

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